At AFC, our mission is to provide physician ordered Adult Foster Care Services to members in a qualified setting, assisting them to achieve the highest level of potential in their day-to-day activities. Our AFC multidisciplinary provider team is committed to providing a high quality, integrated approach to care and service in family setting while honoring the AFC member.


Our goals and services are based on two fundamental philosophical principles: the belief in the innate worth of all individuals and the belief that each individual, regardless of age, race, color, creed, sex, national origin or handicap(s) is entitled to maximize their potential as a human being and as a member of society.

What is Adult Foster Care (AFC)?

Adult Foster Care (AFC), is a program to help caregivers who care for frail elderly adults and adults with disabilities who cannot live alone safely. AFC adults live with trained paid caregivers who provide daily care. Caregivers may be family members or non-family members.

• The program is for adults who need daily help with personal care, but want to live in a family setting rather than in a nursing home or other facility.

• The caregiver provides meals, companionship, personal care assistance, and 24-hour supervision. Caregivers may be individuals, couples, or larger families.

• Caregivers could receive up to $18,000 per year from MassHealth to provide care to MassHealth members who otherwise would need institutional care.

• Service providers, including a social worker and registered nurse, train the caregiver and provide ongoing support.

What services do we provide?

• Careful screening and training of your caregiver family.

• Case management and service coordination.

• Periodic visits by social workers and registered nurses to monitor medical conditions, evaluate caregiver services, and offer support and training

• 24-hour coverage for emergencies